Safety first! As any fork may be the one you will be riding, we had to take special precautions. Our forks are tested both in-house and by external labs to ensure that the fork will survive the rigors of racing.

Zylinder blau

Our tests are realistic computer-controlled simulations of loads encountered under extreme racing conditions. However, we are never satisfied with a successful test – we will increase the load until we can force the component to break. We then analyze the fracture to gain additional knowledge about the fork’s behavior in extreme situations.

Cyclical load tests are currently the best testing methods. The “Scapula” carbon fork has successfully completed all our tests without problems. Picture: The hydraulic press is part of our computer-controlled in-house testing facility.


We are not satisfied with in-house testing only. In addition, independent external labs run further tests, certifying the enormous reliability of our forks.