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Latest pictures of Clavicula M³ MTB with THM double spider

In addition to the double Spider BCD 120/80 the Clavicula M³ MTB can also be combined with a double Spider with BCD 104/64 especially for the gear ratio of 29” wheels and with the triple spider BCD 104/64.

And of course also with SRM system – the world’s lightest SRM variation.


Silver medal for Sabine Spitz at the Olympics in London!

We congratulate Sabine Spitz on her grand success in London and are pleased to have been able to support her again with our Clavicula.


Clavicula M³ now also available as MTB crank and already in use at the Olympic Games!

After it was enthusiastically welcomed on the market of racing cycles, our Clavicula M³ will shortly be available in a MTB version, too. A very special feature of the Clavicula M³ MTB will of course be the tried and proven modular design. By simply exchanging the spider it will be possible to use the same crank as a triple or a double system. What is more, the Clavicula M³ MTB crank is compatible with SRM power measurement system, so it is the world’s lightest SRM MTB crank.
The big debut of Clavicula M³ MTB will be at the Olympic Games in London with Sabine Spitz who will try to defend the title she won four years ago. The entire THM team wishes her great success. We hope the Clavicula M³ will bring her as much luck as the classic Clavicula did in Peking.
This crank will of course also be presented on our exhibition stand A2/205 at Eurobike. We would be very glad to welcome you there!
More product information on Clavicula M³ MTB will follow shortly.


Fun by just pressing a button

July 2012 Tour:
“With tough single speed racing cyclists Electrolyte tries to break the image of Pedelec of being sluggish and unsporty. We have tested the "jet fighter"!
... The Scapula fork from THM with integrated brake is a crowning feature of that luxuriously-designed concept."


Just read the complete article in the July 2012 tour.



Scapula F Gives Convincing Results at 5.000 km Test on Tour

Original text of Tour in May 2012“The German Carbon Manufacturing Company THM-Carbones completes the tried and proven range of ultra-lightweight Scapula forks by the Scapula F model. The plain supplement conceals a shining example of system integration made possible by fiber reinforced composites. The carbon fork not only guides the front wheel while absorbing shock loads, but also has an integrated brake whose principle of effect is similar to a V-brake. There are no rotatable aluminium arms, but flexible carbon arms directly laminated into the fork blades. The result is an assembly with a 225 mm long steer tube weighing a mere 353 gram. By way of comparison, the top brakes of Shimano or Campa alone come up to a weight of almost 150 gram and the large-scale production forks to 300 gram and more. The first installation of the Tuning fork is going to be somewhat complicated: It might be necessary to try several brake pads to stop the brake squealing on the carbon rims. When riding, braking effect is convincing in every situation, just as the relatively comfortable dimensioning and the lateral stiffness which is beyond all doubt – 54 N/mm  = best rating.


Test Winner: Lightest Brake is Fibula from THM

Here is the spectacular result of the big test of brakes:
Tour April 2012: “The lightest brake kit saves more than 100 grams compared to the lightest large-scale production brake from SRAM Red. … THM, the German specialist in lightweight construction, uses laborious engineering procedures to turn carbon, aluminum and titanium to calipers with a weight of just 140 grams. … Everyone who likes this design can bolt this flyweight component without concern on his bike: The THM brake ensures perfect deceleration and allows finely metered braking. Ingenious are also the different leverage ratios for the front and rear side, with the front brake creating more braking power.”


Scapula F, now available for 1 ¼” tapered Headsets

As more and more Roadframes are equipped with tapered Headsets the Scapula F has undergone modification to optically suit such frames. With aid of Spina Scapula F, Scapula F gets a Crowndiameter of 51mm that ensures a seamless transition from 1 ¼” tapered frame headtube  to fork, which is pleasing to the eye and the wind. Pictures will follow shortly.


THM and "best bike in the world"

tour March 2012: By using THM components the crown of framebuilding is won by the "Storck Fascenario 0.6" in the ultimate comparison of the best lightweight frames of 2012.
Storck benefits from the THM Scapula F fork with an integrated brake and Powerarms SL cranks made by THM, which saves about 300 grams. "The integration of the brakes is impressive, it´s a show on its own: Inside of the fork legs and carbon seat stays hidden are springs that work like V-brakes, the pair weighing just 112 grams. ... Paired with the light carbon wheels from Reynolds the brakes don´t work significantly worse than common mass-produced brakes. "
All this leads to Storck having the best overall package! The lightest frameset however presented Cervelo, who also benefit from a development of the "German specialists THM" and equip their R5CA Cervelo frame with an exclusive fork from THM.


Carbon crank Clavicula M³ with SRM system excels at 5000 km endurance test!

Bike magazine tour March 2012: After a 5000 km endurance test, including the seven stages of the TOUR-Transalp 2011, the Clavicula M³ delivered a brilliant result: "The new modular carbon crank THM M³ can be combined with the power meter from SRM, and sets the proven performance measurement system on a diet." Compared to most other SRM cranks Clavicula M³ saves lots of weight and also the complete system costs less than many other SRM systems.

Clavicula M³ is our modular full carbon crank with interchangeable carbon spider. By changing the crank-spider it can be used either with a standard bolt diameter (130mm) or a compact (110mm) variant. Change the number of teeth according to requirements and terrain: 53/39 or 50/34. For improved training quality you should opt for a SRM system. No need to buy a new crank – just continue using your Clavicula M³ and you´ve got the lightest SRM crank in the world, only 740g - less than many other cranks without power measurement. The SRM system is the ultimate standard of power measurement for professional cyclists, triathletes and ambitious sportsmen. It offers the most effective way of measuring power as well as improving training quality and physical fitness. Power (watt), pedaling frequency, speed, time, heart rate, altitude, temperature, energy expenditure and training zones are all indicated in real time and stored on the computer for further analysis. If you already have a SRM system, but would like to reduce weight, just install a Clavicula M³ - the lightest SRM compatible crank. All common BB-standards can be adapted, this still holds true with our newest addition to the Clavicula family.


Test winning fork by THM

The THM fork that comes with the  test winning Cervelo R5ca impressed the testers at bicycle magazine Tour with lateral stiffness and low weight in the “Top-Roadbikes 2012” test in issue Nr.11 2011. THM also builds the lightest and stiffest fork in the test field for the Stevens Stratos Custom which enables the bike manufacturer from Hamburg, Germany to join the elite of carbon road bikes with its new topmodel.

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Tour test: Winning fork comes from THM!

Tour 3

The Stiletto fork of the tour winner Storck is manufactured by THM. tour in March 2011: "Even the ultralight Stiletto fork has become more rigid at the sides and gives more comfort."

For a long time THM develops and manufactures components for several fork producers covering the range of high end design.So we co-operate closely with Storck and Cervelo amongst others. The fork of Cervelo's R5ca frame comes from THM, too.


A successful comeback

Eight place for Sabine Spitz as she returns to the racetrack.

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Clavicula M³ online

After a long wait production has started for the Clavicula M³. It is available with 130mm bcd and 110mm bcd compact carbon spiders as well as with SRM power meter. Have a closer look


07/2010 - Scapula F from THM on Fascenario 0.6 from Storck


first report of experience:

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Synopsis of bottom bracket standards!

Considering the great number of bottom bracket standards existing today, we can’t actually speak of a “standard”.

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Fibula online now!

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Clavicula now also compatible with Specialized Epic

Thanks to a modified bearing ring position the Clavicula MTB can now be fitted to a Specialized Epic frame, too.

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New testreport of the Clavicula online!

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Gold Edition

Sabine Spitz rides from one success to the next with Clavicula. The golden Clavicula with autograph is available in a limited number of 20 sets now!

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THM at Eurobike (Friedrichshafen)

THM will be on the German-Carbon-Group exhibition stand from September the 2nd to September the 5th in the A2-205 hall. We look forward to see you.