Making of

The original drawings and development were done in close cooperation with » formagic, a Cologne-based design specialist. The initial idea was transformed into detailed CAD drawings, models were CNC-cut, and all needed tools were designed and built in-house according to our strict quality control guidelines.

All “Scapula” forks are hand made in all stages of production. The result is an extremely lightweight fork which is stiff and safe under hard racing conditions. All manufacturing is done in Germany, which with the vast local base of highly skilled technicians ensures a level of quality and precision impossible to meet elsewhere.

The “Scapula’s” design is unique: The load-carrying carbon fibers run uninterrupted through the entire fork, all the way from the dropouts to the top of the steerer tube. There are no individual parts which are glued together. Everything is designed and built in one piece, allowing the smooth transfer of forces.

The model for our design stems from nature itself: Think of how bones are constructed. They consist of one single part, not several, and variations in thickness occur smoothly. All forces are transferred without interruptions or stress-risers. That makes the bone light and extremely strong. The “Scapula” carbon fork follows this natural principle of least tension differences.