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New Spider for Clavicula M³ MTB available in 2017!

THM will present in 2017 a new Aluminium Spider for the Clavicula M³ MTB crank to complement the range of the already available 1-speed, 2-speed and 3-speed spiders.

The new spider is a 1-speed type with 104 mm bolt circle for the standard version (49.5 mm chainline) and alternatively for the Boost version (52 mm chainline). Chainrings and bolts will be available as an option.

With this product we now present the lightest MTB crank with a BCD 104 1-speed drive in 32, 34 and 36-teeth version. It is also possible to install 30 teeth with a slightly modified Praxis Works chainline.

Clavicula classic, Scapula SP and Scapula F are retiring!

After over 10 years of production we will send our Clavicula classic into retirement – a product which has set milestones.
Our Clavicula SE is a worthy successor with an even lower weight.
For the MTB versions we offer the Clavicula M³ as an adaptable alternative solution.
Likewise after over 10 years we have stopped the production of Scapula SP and Scapula F.
As a substitute for these products comes a further development to meet today’s requirements: the Scapula CT with 1 ¼″ lower headset.  
We thank all our customers who enabled such a long-lasting product life to these components and we are sure that the new enhanced solutions will have a large circle of friends for a long time, too.

3T Cycling Srl (3T) and THM Carbones GmbH (THM) are to join forces

Today the companies signed an agreement for 3T, based in Italy, to purchase all shares of German based THM from its founder Thomas Mertin.
The arrangement will see THM continue to focus on making its world-leading components in Germany, while 3T will ensure those products can reach the end consumer anywhere in the world more easily. Furthermore, 3T will provide THM with greater resources to develop new products. THM’s technical team will also be involved in 3T’s new product development.
THM founder Thomas Mertin says: “This is a great opportunity for THM. The agreement with 3T gives us a global distribution network to expand our brand. THM has a clear roadmap to deliver top-notch products, manufactured in Germany. With 3T’ backing and commercial strength, we will be able to focus even more on the technical side and leave sales and distribution to the experts at 3T.”

A first comparison puts the new Clavicula SE at the forefront among its competitors.

Indeed our Clavicula SE, now finally available, has passed the first stress test with flying colours. Setting new standards with a stiffness to weight ratio of 3.54, it obtains the best ranking in a top-class competition with a complete system weighing just 494.8 grams (crank plus bearings, chain rings and chain ring bolts).

This result shows that THM-Carbones adhere steadfast to their philosophy of offering products meeting the highest quality standards only. Clavicula sine exceptione – Clavicula without limitation

THM Carbones Clavicula classic and M³ awarded with the first and second place by Fairwheel Bikes!

We eagerly awaited the results of Fairwheel Bikes’ comprehensive and critical test program. Indeed, considering the systematic procedure and scientific analysis characterizing that test, statements are of vital importance for the bike crank manufacturers worldwide and also are a real quality label in the segment of high-end manufacturing.

We are all the more pleased about the present evaluation.


             Stiffness to Weight                             Total System Weight                              Deflection


Source: https://fairwheelbikes.com/c/reviews-and-testing/road-bike-crank-testing/

Here the comment of Fairwheel Bikes on the results of Clavicula classic: „The Clavicula is now in its 10th year of development and refinement, and it shows. 1st in weight, 2nd in stiffness and 1st in stiffness to weight.” and on the results of Clavicula M³ „The Clavicula M3 is a newer model than the Classic, designed to be a little heavier and a bit more modular in its design…. and 2nd in stiffness to weight puts this up with the best cranks.”

Clavicula classic and Clavicula M³ are products of the private label THM-Carbones.
THM-Carbones offers a limited special edition on occasion of the 10th anniversary of Clavicula classic–see also

New release by THM-Carbones: Clavicula sine exceptione

Clavicula sine exceptione – without limitation – is synonymous with a new kind of smoothness and outstanding utilization of load paths. A highly promising forerunner for the next technologically oriented development step to come. Clavicula SE is a full carbon crank with integrated carbon axle. In the development phase particular emphasis was placed on optimizing structural design. Interesting in more details? Get the specifications “Information sine exceptione English.pdf” or visit us on: