Bearing shells with bearings

Bearing cups are available by choice with BSA or Italian thread version. They are fitted with industrial bearings sealed at either side (dimension: Ø 42 / Ø 30 / width 7 mm).

weight: 72g

Bearing cups with ceramic bearings

Lagerschalen mit Keramik Lager

Our Clavicula products are also available with Hybrid Ceramic bearings.

We use high-grade steel rings with ceramic balls which are treated according to a special greasing and sealing procedure. The main benefit is less an extreme smoothness in operation than a longer service life and reduced maintenance. Due to the special properties of steel and ceramics this combination is however not suited to withstand severe shockloads, so we offer these bearings for our road version only. 

weight: 72g

BB30 Bearing cups / Pressfit 30

additional weight: Road only 12 g

BB30: These bearing cups are suited for installation of the THM Clavicula on frames with bottom bracket housings to BB30 standard applicable to axles with 30 mm diameter. The bottom bracket housing is 68 mm wide and its inner diameter is 42 mm. The snap rings wich for the BB30 standard are used as limit stop when pressing in the bearings, must not be installed. The relatively small bearing clearance of 68 mm could lead to considerable axle deformations. Our solution with bearings at the outside involves a reduced load on the axle which can be seen from the higher rigidity. Another advantage is the facility of using the same crank for frames to BB30 standard and those with BSA or Italian thread. The increase in weight of the complete system is neglegible.

additional weight: MTB only 18 g

Pressfit 30: : In the meantime SRAM has its own specification for crank installation. Frame width is either 68 mm or 73 mm and the inner diameter 46 mm. We supply a system adaption with cups installed from outside, offering the bearings a contact width of 85.5 mm (Road) or 93 mm (MTB).

(without picture / similar to BB30 bearings)

Shimano Pressfit bearings

This is a meantime frequently used bottom bracket mounting facility composed of Ø 41 mm cups to be pressed in. Available are a “Road” variant for 86.5 mm frame width and 2 MTB versions, one for 92 mm frame width (symmetrical to the center line) and another for 89.5 mm frame width (unsymmetrical). When ordering please specify “Shimano Pressfit” version, we then will supply you the cups fitting the Clavicula system.

weight: 55g

Tools for installation of Clavicula bearing shells

For the installation of our Clavicula bearing cups we offer a box spanner (socket wrench) having a ½” connector for all usual torque wrenches. This tool permits bolts to be tightened to the correct torque and can also be used to release seized bearing cups. It is available from our works or your dealer.

Assembly key

For assembly of Clavicula it‘s possible to use the assembly wrench in addition to the socket wrench. The assembly wrench is not part of the extent of supply and must be ordered separately.

Tool-Set Clavicula M³

The practicalthree-in-one tool for optimal installation of Clavicula M³.It composed of a socket wrench for fitting the Clavicula cups with the correct torque. The second function is given by a lockring tool allowing the aluminium spider of Clavicula M³ MTB to be replaced with the greatest of ease. Finally, the tool set is completed the THM adjusting tool which helps setting the bearing clearance and eases compliance with the prescribed torque when tightening the Clavicula M³ setting screw. All three tools can be plugged together for practical storing. The tool set or each separate tool are available.